HSD-12KW HF Welding machine for conveyor belt cleat &sidewall

HSD-12KW is the HF welding machine in pvc&tpu conveyor belt business . the main fuction is to joint the PVC &TPU cleats and PVC&TPU Sidewall on the belts .

Welding by HF is the most common way to make the pvc tpu cleats on the belt nowadays ,it is fast ,easy operate and much solid weld
than welding by hot air .

Our Model : HSD-12KW is designed with upper electrode 500*700mm , which is good for the cleats upto 700mm ,sidewall upto 600mm at one stroke .

Please feel free to contact us if there is any question or specific welding requirment in conveyor belt business .


Item specifics:

The main parameter for model HSD-12KW

Model HSD-12KW
Power 12000W
Power Supply 380V 3P 50HZ
Frequency 27.12MHz
Input power 20KVA
Oscillation tube E3010
Max pressure 1000KG
Gap of electrodes 250MM
Cylinder Stroke 150MM
Size of upper electrode 500*700
Size of  bottom table 1200*1200
Max Welding surface each work cycle 350c㎡
Welding time 0-60s

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